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Our Solution

See all of your Keys + Krowns currency points in one place.

See your Safe In Sound points here

From watching video content, going to sports clubs, purchases or from walking to school, see how much your activity has earned here.

See your Gambit points here

From viewing Teams, Classroom or any of our language or game-partnered sites, see how many points you've earned here too.

Donate to charities

With all of the points earned, donate to charities and earn even more Keys + Krowns points!

Welcome to the Keys + Krowns universe

All your points, one location!

The Keys + Krowns site is a central hub for all the points collected across our sister platforms: The Safe In Sound App and
The usage by members gives these points value and they can be earned through activity and shared to others also.


Stay up to date

Receive notifications of points via email once you sign up.

Personal service

Personalise your dashboard thru your activities.

Responsive platforms

Our sites are always responsive and we use  Single Sign On ( SSO ) to provide SAML authentication to allow members to login.

Drop us a line

Anything you would like to know more about? Drop us a line.

Encrypted Payment

We only use encrypted payments to guarantee your payments are secure.

Location, location

Wherever you are in the UK, Keys + Krowns can offer you access to our platform and partners.

Always available

Whichever device you choose, check your points wherever you are for peace of mind.

Buy donations and earn points!

Using Keys + Krowns for you as a member and the charities we work with.

Your currency, your rules

Sign up and members gain Keys + Krowns points from usage whilst on the Safe In Sound App they gain Keys + Krowns from watching sports, going to clubs and even walking to school daily.

Keys + Krowns currency points power both the Safe In Sound App and Gambit. Both are platforms within our eco-system based around schoolchildren.
The Safe In Sound App is our sports and fitness platform providing unrivalled access to sports content whilst Gambit is our educational platform giving young people access to the most popular educational platforms: MS Teams, Google Classroom and even Duolingo are all available within it.

Application Design

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Manage your points

See what activity has earned you the most points.

Is it Safe In Sound, Gambit or both that has earned you most points each day, week and month?

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Earned from Keys + Krowns donations 0

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